CARP / Circus Arts Research Platform

BNCN Member CircusInfo Finland informs about a project they're involved with where we, as a wider community can help... Circus Arts Research Platform needs your help to update information on circus collections and research in the Baltic–Nordic region CircusInfo Finland, Centre national des arts du Cirque (France), École Nationale de Cirque (Canada) and Circuscentrum (Belgium) have joined forces … Continue reading CARP / Circus Arts Research Platform


High North Collaboration

On the 1st of December BNCN Coordinator joined Silence Festival high up north in Luleå in Lapland to take part in a seminar about new High North Collaborations for arts organisations across cultural sectors in Lapland. The day was organised by Finnish Arts Promotion Centre in Luleå at Resurscentrum för Konst i Norrbotten. Presentations from … Continue reading High North Collaboration

NuoraNORD – a new development project

BNCN is pleased to announce that our partner project has been funded; NuoraNORD – a new development project for circus companies and communities in the Baltic and Nordic region lead by Circus Info Finland 31.5.2017 Text reposted from Cirkus Info Finland's webpage - click for original post. NuoraNORD is a project for young circus companies … Continue reading NuoraNORD – a new development project