The Digital Side of Riga ICCE

Riga ICCE will be held in Riga, Latvia on the 10th and 11th of May, 2022. We will meet in-person to hear wonderful keynote speeches, have discussions in world cafes, and also attend workshops. But that is not all. For those of you who can't attend the live meetings, we have also prepared a digital … Continue reading The Digital Side of Riga ICCE


Meet Riga ICCE Keynote Speaker Alisan Funk

We have introduced you to Daniel Gulko, now let us introduce our second keynote speaker - Alisan Funk. She will be speaking about Physical literacy and circus & leading a workshop on Physical Literacy as an advocacy tool in circus. Let's take a more detailed look at what this means. Alisan Funk is an Assistant … Continue reading Meet Riga ICCE Keynote Speaker Alisan Funk

Lithuanian Contemporary Circus Showcase

15 years ago, the first edition of the international contemporary circus festival New Circus Weekend was held at the Arts Printing House in Vilnius. It was the first time when Lithuanian audiences encountered the fascinating world of contemporary circus, and we are very glad to see the amazing progress Lithuanian circus has made throughout these years.