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2019 – 2020

During 2020 BNCN will develop and produce masterclasses for theatre and festival technicians in the Baltic-Nordic countries.

The project explores gaps in the technical knowledge for contemporary circus presentation in the Baltic-Nordic countries and starts to bench-mark the existing knowledge in the Baltic-Nordic rigging community.

During 2020 two masterclasses will be carried out in Stockholm and in Riga conducted by professionals from Cirkus Cirkör (SE) and Cirko Centre for New Circus (FI).

Project Partners: Manegen (SE) (lead), Cirkus Syd (SE), Riga Circus (LV), Cirkus Cirkör (SE), Cirko Centre for New Circus (FI) and Dynamo (Dk).

These masterclasses go through the fundamental and specific information needed in order to safely present a circus performance with its various disciplines, as well as discusses and highlights the various ambiguities or difficulties presented to festivals and performance venues when presenting circus work in relation to national and international legislation of safety standards and practises in 2020. The aim is for the participants to feel confident to read technical specifications of circus companies and subsequently received companies at their venue feeling confident that they possess or know where to acquire the expertise, knowledge and capacity needed to support presentation. There are two masterclasses in rigging this spring as part of the Rigorous Practise initative. This is the registration for the second of the two events. The first takes place in Stockholm in April and the Second is in Riga at the beginning of May. The content is the same, but the design of the courses slightly different with Stockholm happening as a more fast track technical 2 days course and in Riga 3 days we include a greater level of discussion and practical participation to allow different modes of learning. All professionals working as technical staff in performing arts in the Baltic and Nordic countries are elegible to register, apart from those who work in circus venues (if you are keen to come but unsure if you are elegible please get in touch, we want to facilitate all who want to attend to be able to). This masterclass is designed to support technical staff who work in venues/festivals who do not already programme circus arts to have the opportunity to build their capacity and acquire this knowledge OR those riggers hired frequently by theatres missing circus rigging expertise and who are in a position to through their expertise are able to facilitate presentation of circus in new venues across the Baltic Nordic region. For this reason the course is free of charge. The course is run by Fredrik Deijfen, Head Rigger at Cirkus Cirkör, Stockholm, Sweden.

The project has been made possible by the support of:
Nordisk Kulturfond and Nordic Council of Ministers