Page last updated 22 June 2022
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Festivals listed in date-order by country.


Red Pearl Clown Festival 
May (ca 3 days)

Silence Festival
June in Lapland Finland (ca 4 days)

Nurtsi/ Voltti, Youth Circus Festival
June (ca 3 days)

Sirkusfestivaali Pusu
July (ca 2 days)

Salo Circus Festival
July (ca 3 days)

Helsinki Festival 
August/September (ca 3 weeks)

Cirkus Ruska
August (ca 3 days)

Object Festival
October (3 days)

NousNous Festival
November/December (ca 5 days)

Cirko Festivaali
Cirko’s festival which does not happy anymore. Last year was 2019.
Was in May (ca 10 days)


HOOG Festival (biennale)
June (ca 1 day)

Estonian Circus Convention 
June/July (ca 3 days)

EPICIRQ – Baltic professional circus showcase
October (ca 3 days)

In planning for 2022


Cirkusslottet – Nycirkusfestival, Finspång

(industry only)
Nordic Contemporary Circus Showcase
February/or November (ca 1 week)

Cirkus Mania 
(ca 10 days)

Karavan Nycirkus Festival
(ca 1.5 days)

Nycirkusfestival Rydal
June (ca 2 days)

Sthlm Street Fest
(Taking a break in 2022)
July in Stockholm (various number days, weekends)
July/August Tour of Sweden and Denmark

Obygden circus festival
July (ca 2 days)
Tyrolen, Alvesta

Umeå Nycirkus Festival
Dormant, may return


Feral Festival 
February (ca 4 days/1 week)

Copenhagen Circus Arts Festival (C!CAF!)
March (ca 1 week)
(Returns in 2024)

Dynamo Circus Festival
June in Odense, Denmark (ca 4 days)
(Returns in 2023)


Re Riga! Festival 
August in Riga, Latvia (ca 1 week)


KITOKS (Youth and children’s festival)
January (ca 5 days)

Cirkuliacija Festival 
June (ca 1 week)

SPOT festival
July (ca 4 days)
HELIUM Festival (Formerly “New Circus Weekend”)
September (ca 1 week)
June (3-4 days)
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